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Finding Your Way to God's

Persevering Power

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by life's circumstances or inadequate in helping others through life's challenges, Persevering Power is for you.

I know how you feel and share stories from a shared journey of vulnerability. I hope you will pull up a chair and invite others to join you in studying key principles to help you and others find peace and joy in spite of circumstances.

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Look up with arrows

Part 1: Look Up

Discover the life-altering power of a fresh perspective, shifting your focus from life's challenges to the limitless possibilities above. Whether navigating personal storms or understanding the profound character of Jesus, this journey explores the transformative impact of looking up.

Look back with arrows

Part 2: Look Back

Discover how to break free from the shackles of your past and build a legacy that matters.  Learn how to overcome adversity, find purpose, and create a positive impact on the world around you. Get inspired by stories of resilience and transformation, and learn how to embrace God's future for your life.

Look in with arrows

Part 3: Look In

Pursuing peace and setting aside pride are instrumental for personal growth and having a servant-oriented approach to the work God has called you. Humility is transformational in fostering genuine relationships and avoiding destructive pitfalls of pride and self-centerdness.

Look around with arrows

Part 4: Look Around

Aim to be generous stewards of treasure and the skills God has gifted you with, in the same way God is generous with justice. We can't do this work on our own. Look around to see the wealth of gifts that God has provided both in the people placed in our lives and the practical means we have been given.

Persevering Power Conclusion


"If you're feeling down and out, I want you to look up and remember that there is always hope. And if you need some guidance on how to persevere through life's challenges, I recommend my friend Bruce Strom's Persevering Power. Let this book be your guide to a life that is less of you, more of Jesus, and abundantly better than what you had planned."

—Tony Evans, president of The Urban Alternative and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

"Pursuing justice can be wearying. I know—and so does my friend Bruce Strom. If you are weary from trying to make a difference or feeling overwhelmed by injustice, then curl up with this book. Bruce's personal stories along with practical illustrations will refresh your soul and renew your hope as you look up, look back, look in, and look around at all God has for you."

—Ken Wytsma, author of The Myth of Equality and The Grand Paradox

"I learned the hard lessons of poverty and brokenness from an early age, growing up in Mississippi. I knew that I had dignity, but I also learned that there were systems in place that denied my dignity. I was invisible . . . voiceless . . . without resources. These are the people that my friend Bruce Strom and Administer Justice serve. Persevering Power shares Bruce's journey of self-sacrifice and service to the least of these. His call to look up, look back, look in, and look around is an invitation to everyone to join in this battle for justice. It's a fight worth living and dying for."

—John M. Perkins, founder and president emeritus of the John and Vera Mae Perkins Foundation and cofounder of the Christian Community Development Association

"A career of thirty or forty years is a very long time. And every career has its ups and downs, setbacks and dry spells, challenges and crises. Yet God wants leaders who will persevere in their service to him over the long haul. Bruce Strom's new book, Persevering Power, offers us a kind of leadership life jacket—with the spiritual principles that will keep us afloat during life's inevitable storms and make us more productive for God even when the going gets tough."

—Richard Stearns, president emeritus of World Vision US and author of Lead Like It Matters to God

"As Bruce Strom shares in the book, justice reflects the character of God. In other words, justice is essential to our discipleship and worship. But if we're not wise, our focus can become misaligned. We lose our sense of purpose and joy, and we may end up worshiping justice, rather than a just God. This is why this book spoke so vulnerably and intimately to me—and I believe it will speak to you."

—Eugene Cho, president of Bread for the World and author of Thou Shalt Not Be a Jerk, from the foreword

"Persevering Power is a practical, faith-filled guide to trusting, submitting, and following Christ where he is leading you. Bruce Strom's stories throughout the book are relevant and inspiring. His theological insights on the kingdom of God, the justice of God, and the persevering power of prayer are a rich resource for anyone wanting to pursue a life of peacemaking."

—Michelle Ferrigno Warren, author of Join the Resistance and The Power of Proximity

"I recently went through a tunnel of pain. It took the culmination of years of input from God's wisdom to come through my 'slough of despond.' Injustices are inevitable (Luke 17), but they can be productive (James 1:2-4). The biggest echoes in our revolving tunnel are guilt and anger. Those who have been with these friends know of their deceptive ministrations. The gift of this book is light―no platitudes or guilt, just a biblical kindred spirit of practical help. Thank you, Bruce."

—Alejandro (Alex) Mandes, strategic director of Workforce Hope and board member for the Navigators

"Persevering Power is both simple and revelatory in its message of resilient hope. Bruce Strom comes at his subject from a place of hard-earned experience. Pain, anxiety, and yearning have deepened his faith and changed the trajectory of his vocation. And now he's able to share key lessons from his journey. His soulful blend of memoir, Bible study, and motivational insight is a refreshing reminder of God's faithfulness despite our setbacks and struggles."

—Edward Gilbreath, author of Reconciliation Blues and vice president of strategic partnerships at Christianity Today

"Persevering Power is an inspiring, engaging, and practical guide for anyone needing encouragement. Bruce Strom courageously shares personal stories and biblical wisdom on how to navigate the difficult and disappointing seasons of life. As you reflect on each chapter, you'll find yourself equipped with practical tools to reshape your perspective and walk purposefully through life, regardless of the obstacles you may face."

—Jennifer McHugh Adams, executive vice president of partnerships and communications for Water Mission