Gospel Justice and Persevering Power were written to inform and inspire you. They can be read alone or in community. Gospel Justice has a free downloadable companion guide for small groups and Persevering Power has chapter questions and application included for discussion as a family or group of friends. My hope is to encourage you in discovering God’s purpose for you as you do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with him.

Gospel Justice

Moody Publishers, 2013

Persevering Power

InterVarsity Press, 2023

Blogs and Articles

Below you'll find selected posts from the blog that can be found at administerjustice.org/blog

What Does the Gospel Have to Do with Justice?

For too long we have created a false dichotomy in the Christian world between pursuing the gospel and pursuing justice. They are interconnected.

What happens when the Church does Justice?

I love the church. Unfortunately, today those words are as well received as saying I love lawyers. Why? For many, both groups are viewed as apathetic to the needs of the poor and vulnerable. What if we could change that perception? What happens when the church does justice?

Why Justice Needs to be a Team Sport

When I was in school, I ran track. Track is not a team sport. I was part of a team, but I ran on my own. Justice in America is too much like that. Instead of coming alongside someone facing injustice, we point to the starting line and tell them to start running.

5 Tips for Telling Powerful Stories of Impact

Jesus was a great storyteller. He didn’t use fancy power points, brochures, or video. He invited his audience into stories. Stories paint a picture that capture our hearts and minds.

Is there really Liberty and Justice for all?

I have visited more than 40 countries in the world, and I love America. We have many freedoms to celebrate this 4th of July. If you live in America, you are one of the fortunate 4% of the world’s population.

What was your favorite Christmas gift ever?

I remember visiting the mall and telling Santa all I wanted for Christmas. How about you?  Some years the list was embarrassingly long. Probably like me, you forget all the presents over time, but I bet one stands out. What was your favorite Christmas gift ever?

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